SBE 440 Small Business Entrepreneur Week 5 DQs and Assignment Devry

SBE 440 Small Business Entrepreneur??

Week 5 Discussions and Assignment


Week 5 DQ 1

For your specific business, what is the single most important operating decision you need to make before startup?
If you??produce a product, does it have value as an intellectual property? If so, how can you protect it???


Week 5 DQ 2

Define 2???4 key operating metrics that can??help control your operation. What are the industry standards for these metrics?

How will you balance your time between new product??or service innovations and current operational controls???

A couple factors that should be kept track of in the landscaping industry are customer satisfaction, gross profit per month, attitude of client after job, and job delivery. These are important to make sure that the business is getting work done properly, on budget, and on time. Keeping customers happy is very important and discussing the services the company provides can help determine if any issues exist between the customers and the employees.??


Week 5 Assignment:

Assignment Operations Plan and Product Development Plan

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